HARDCOPY: DVDs for $30

The Many Shades of Juliette March DVD Boxcover The Many Shades of Juliette March

Drama and sexual tension are being stretched to a near breaking point in this lesbian bdsm psycho-sexual erotic thriller. Dominant mistress and high power femme Ms. Grey is pregnant and dismissing her young submissive slut Juliette March from her service. But will this bratty bottom survive in bleak rainy Seattle surrounded by jealous submissives, devious whip wielding Mistresses, filthy farm animals, and punishments that leave her ass welted pink and her cunt dripping wet? And will Ms. Grey finally keep the insanity of her sexy ex-girlfriend Leila? Or will Leila gain the upper hand by playing dirty? Leila’s revenge is sweet and demented and leaves Ms. Grey’s security guard seduced, bound, and swore to secrecy. Is this the end of Ms Grey? Will this power hungry femme fatale prevail? Or will she loose all that was once black and white in a muddled delusion of grey.

Runtime: 2:13:00

The Curse of Mac Beth DVD Boxcover The Curse of Mac Beth

Award-winning porn pioneer Madison Young directs and stars in this post apocalyptic erotic envisioning of the classic Shakespearean tragedy. The world is wrought with death and insanity. While rolling the bones in an orgiastic game of domination and debauchery, the woman witches subject power mad Macbeth to dripping hot wax, fervid floggings and cutting-edge knife play. His lusty Lady has her way with a leather-clad corpse before succumbing to delusions of “that damn spot.” Witness spanking, power play and a death-defying rope suspension in this dark fantasy where fair is foul and foul is fair. Available in DVD only.

Runtime: 1:00:13

Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation DVD Boxcover Lesbian Sex Education: Female Ejaculation

Sex expert Madison Young teaches a female ejaculation and g spot workshop for lesbian couples exploring how to find the g spot, what female ejaculation is, how to stimulate the g spot with hands and toys and deepen connection between lovers through orgasmic wet juicy sex. Madison’s inspirational lesbian sex retreat motivates 4 lesbian couples to explore their own ejaculation fantasies, demonstrating personal tips and techniques for ejaculation, new found intimacy, and demystifying myths surrounding the elusive g spot. Starring Coral Aorta, Sadie Lune, Maggie Mayhem, Nic Switch, Akira Raine, Dylan Ryan, Papi Coxxx and Lillian Alexander and featuring Sex Experts Madison Young and Dr.Annie Sprinkle PHD

Runtime: 2:41:00

NoFauxxx:Roulette DVD Boxcover NoFauxxx:Roulette

Round and Round she goes, where she’ll stop – nobody knows. All bets are off in this DIY directorial debut from NoFauxxx’s Courtney Trouble. Seven steamy scenarios show off a deliciously diverse cast, which earned the feature a 2009 Feminist Porn Award. A burlesque beauty and her girlfriend have hot sex at home. An engaged gay couple enjoy a rooftop romp. A foxy femme initiates and directs her own pool table gang bang. A wrestler inspired by locker room lust puts the smackdown on himself. A porn star fulfills her fantasy of filming a sploosh scene. Erotic and edgy with a punk aesthetic, these authentic acts document queer sex, culture and desire, proving that queerness is as hard to define as it is to ignore.

Runtime: 1:34:00

Vivid Ed: Anal Sex DVD Boxcover Vivid Ed: Anal Sex

Village Voice columnist and anal sex expert Tristan Taormino leads a group of couples in a class about anal pleasure. She covers anatomy, lube, tips, techniques, and toys. She welcomes her co- hosts, Lorelei and Ariel, who share their thoughts on the subject as well as some advice. Then they demonstrate various techniques for the crowd as Tristan narrates what they are doing. The workshop participants watch and ask questions about the G-spot, lubrication, and pain. Then, Tristan and Lorelei surprise Ariel with a very special anal toy.

Runtime: 2:46:00

Vivid Ed: Threesomes DVD Boxcover Vivid Ed: Threesomes

Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to have a threesome? Let sex and relationship expert Tristan Taormino help make your erotic wish come true as she dispels myths and misconceptions and gives concrete advice about how to have safe, responsible, and fun threeway sex. You’ll learn how to negotiate for what you want, choose a playmate, set boundaries, communicate, and build trust.

Runtime: 2:00:00

Zen Pussy DVD Boxcover Zen Pussy

Every vulva is an entire erotic universe waiting to be explored. This unique DVD from Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer artfully presents wall-to-wall, extreme vulva close-ups of eleven of their erotically-gifted friends.

Runtime: 1:00:00

Annie Sprinkle: A Transgender Love Story DVD Boxcover Annie Sprinkle: A Transgender Love Story

A fun, unique, sexy and informative video docudrama about Les Nichols, a woman who became a man (and is now a surgically-made hermaphrodite). It includes an intimate view of the night he and Annie Sprinkle tried out his new, surgically-constructed penis for the first time. His dual genitalia and all of their graphic functions are shown in detail. 30 minutes, by Annie Sprinkle, Al Jaccoma and Johnny Armstrong. This seminal film from 1989 was the first of its kind.

Runtime: :30:00

Vivid Ed: Oral Sex DVD Boxcover Vivid Ed: Oral Sex

Couples attend a workshop lead by Justine, where she teaches anatomy, tips, and techniques for cunnilingus, then demonstrates various techniques for the crowd on her model Ariel; workshop participants watch and ask questions. We meet Cindy and Jack, who talk about their experiences with oral sex. Then, we see as they demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. Next, we meet Kelly and Kevin, a real married couple, who talk about cunnilingus. They demonstrate different positions, techniques, and tricks for great oral sex. In a bonus scene, Justine and Ariel have sex after the workshop.

Runtime: 2:00:00

Vivid Ed: Anal Sex For Men DVD Boxcover Vivid Ed: Anal Sex For Men

Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men. Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative workshop packed with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Then watch as three sexy couples with great chemistry explore this intimate activity and experiment with different toys, and positions.

Runtime: 2:00:00

Annie Sprinkle: Herstory of Porn DVD Boxcover Annie Sprinkle: Herstory of Porn

You’ll see the best (and worst) clips from dozens of the 150+ films that I have made from 1973 until the present. Marvel at rare hippie porn, early fetish films, feminist porn, art porn, couples erotica, transsexual docu-porn, classic XXX, and more. Special features include my commentary, which is provocative, revealing and humorous, and also commentary by film scholar Linda Williams from UC Berkeley, and the author of the book Hard Core. This film includes dozens of porn stars.

Runtime: 1:09:00

50 Shades of Dylan Ryan DVD Boxcover 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan

Award Winning Feminist Pornographer, Madison Young, brings you 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan. Wealthy entrepreneur and book publishing mogul, Ms Grey, has met her match in young college student and curious submissive, Dylan Ryan. After a sexy and defiant Dylan challenges Ms Grey to a bet, Dylan forgoes her freedom and submerges herself into a life of total submission, testing her boundaries, proving her servitude through sexual gratification, masked orgies, soaked in female ejaculate, vibrated and fucked to orgasmic heights coupled with fellow sexual servants Bianca Stone and Berretta James. Dylan is whipped to climactic moments of pain and pleasure and collared while cradled in an intimate embrace of tenderness after a brutal and beautiful journey into the depths of her darkest desires.

Runtime: 1:47:35

Mermaids and Unicorns DVD Boxcover Mermaids and Unicorns

From the mythical magical fornication of seductress mermaids on the rocks fucking spellbound submissive sexy sailors, to a horny corseted unicorn who is saddled up and fucked hard by a strap-on wielding mistress, this film has every filthy fairytale fantasy you can fathom. So saddle up on your magical pony and get ready for one wet and glitter filled fuck-fest that will lead you somewhere over the rainbow and beyond ecstasy.

Runtime: 2:10:00

Gush: The Official Guide DVD Boxcover Gush: The Official Guide

It’s not just the go-to source of G-spot wisdom — it’s a show-and-tell extravaganza about the sometimes-elusive spot (also known as the prostata femina or paraurethral sponge). Complete with information about anatomy and optimal styles of stimulation, you’ll learn about using toys, orgasm and ejaculation, and be treated to screen-burning chemistry from real-life couples and erotic performers working with partners of their choosing, showing you exactly how it’s done! Guaranteed to inspire and enhance your sexual explorations, Gush also includes real people asking real questions in a call-in radio talk show format, with Dr. Carol Queen’s informed, accessible answers. From the Pleasure-Ed Series of sex education movies penned and hosted by Good Vibrations’ Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, with a full hour of DVD extras including cast interviews, G-spot hunting with Dr. Queen, and Sheri Winston’s educational slide show (author of “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal”, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists’ 2010 Book of the Year).

Runtime: 1:38:00

Dana Dearmond Does the Internet DVD Boxcover Dana Dearmond Does the Internet

With D3TI, Dana’s very own porno biopic, she delivers personal interviews and adorable reenactments; exposing the Dana phenomenon. Dana swears, “You’re going to be my best friend after you see this.” Casting from her Top 8 on MySpace, D3TI delivers mainstream debuts from BDSM porn veterans Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna, and the foxy Reagen Maddux, whom Dana just met on MySpace.
“She was like, ‘I want to be in a porno,’ and I was like, you’re really hot and we just happen to be making a porno!”
Things get personal when real-life drama threatens the production of D3ti and Dana is forced to roll-up her sleeves and give herself in ways no other porn star has imagined. “I knew it would be hard but I never thought it would be this emotional,” Dana admits. The result is a movie much like herself: cute and innocent on the outside, but open it up and you get a lot of dirty sex.

Runtime: 1:34:00

Dana Dearmond: Role Modeling DVD Boxcover Dana Dearmond: Role Modeling

What do you want to be when you grow up? Fuck on video, duh! But who’s gonna show you the ropes with so few good role models for America’s youth? Well, if you’re one of these five newcomers, it’s Dana DeArmond, The Porn Unicorn. Knowing that the first time is never easy, Dana’s donned the crown and mentored these wannabe ‘pornstars’ on the ins and outs of fucking with the lights on.

Runtime: 2:34:00

Vivid Alt: Triple Ecstasy DVD Boxcover Vivid Alt: Triple Ecstasy

Kimberly Kane returns with a vengeance. A serving of porn ecstasy with a smile and a dash of cyanide. The Vivid girls deliver a healthy dose of depraved sex in bathrooms and give you full peep show privelages. Sick and dirty, just the way you love it to be!

Runtime: 1:48:00

Live in My Secrets DVD Boxcover Live in My Secrets

In her third Vivid-Alt picture, award winning director/performer Kimberly Kane brings you her most incendiary wok to date. Live In My Secrets is an extreme hardcore fetish feature from the most primal reaches of Kimberly’s psyche. Mixing Super 8mm film and High Definition footage, Ms. Kane delivers a raw glimpse at the hottest exhibitionists of our time.

Runtime: 1:03:00

Lesbians in the Wild DVD Boxcover Lesbians in the Wild

Curvaceous lesbian goddesses Bella Rossi and Missy Minx orgasm on sea side cliffs to the sound of waves crashing behind them while Star Nine and Bianca Stone fuck with animal like passion under the dark night sky, howling like wolves and woodland nymphs. Cici Rhodes and Eden Coxx devour one another under the cover of tangled trees while Madison Young climbs branches bare foot and wearing taffeta while fucking her cunt with wild abandon. While the sun sets on our wild playground, amongst wild lilies and blades of green grass the luscious Maggie Mayhem and Jolene Parton envelope one another in a post-coitus embrace, dripping and wet with desire.

Runtime: 1:49:00

Annie Sprinkle: Dr Annie Sprinkle's How to be a Sex DVD Boxcover Annie Sprinkle: Dr Annie Sprinkle’s How to be a Sex

Sex Goddess, Dr. Annie Sprinkle hosts eleven sexy goddesses demonstrating female ejaculation, erotic yoga, Tantric breathing, meditation, sex magic, exotic intercourse positions and other sensual and sexual delights. Marvel at Annie Sprinkle’s mind-blowing, five-minute long orgasm. ‘How To Be A Sex Goddess In 101 Easy Steps’ is a pioneering women’s sex film classic.

Runtime: 1:06:00

Annie Sprinkle: Amazing World of Orgasm DVD Boxcover Annie Sprinkle: Amazing World of Orgasm

When Annie Sprinkle has an orgasm with her lover in the hot tub, she reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasm experience. She then introduces twenty-six “orgasm experts” who have, over the years, taught her some key piece of knowledge about orgasm—and now she wants share that knowledge with you.

Runtime: 1:03:00

Speakeasy DVD Boxcover Speakeasy

Detective Billy Castro descends into the world of porn noir as he investigates an underground queer club filled with handsome transmen and femme fatales. While on a stakeout, the private dick witnesses Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar perform passionate suspension with ejaculation, as well as the bartenders tending to each other. After fighting for a chance to dance with the lovely Lorelei Lee, our gumshoe gets more than a mambo during their table-top tryst. Shot on location in an actual speakeasy bar, award-winning director Courtney Trouble worked with videographer Morty Diamond to capture the feel of the 1940s, as well as the queer fetish and fearlessness of our own era.

Runtime: 1:17:00

Lesbian Sex Ed: Strapon DVD Boxcover Lesbian Sex Ed: Strapon

Sex expert Madison Young teaches strap-on workshop for lesbian couples exploring orgasmic sex positions, how to find the right toy, and harness, and how to communicate strap-on fantasies to your partner. Lesbian Sex Education: Strap-On movie Madison’s inspirational lesbian sex retreat motivates four lesbian couples to explore their own strap-on fantasies, demonstrating climactic strap-on techniques, new found intimacy and anal pleasure.

Runtime: 2:00:00

Bondage Boob Tube DVD Boxcover Bondage Boob Tube

Bondage Boob Tube: Sexy bondage, Jewell finds herself teleported into her favorite 1950`s TV series and decides to sex up TV land by trying up the housewives of the neighborhood and causing cosmic waves of orgasmic pleasure. These ladies explore rope bondage, suspension, vibrators, ball gags, hot girl on girl action, female domination, spankings, crops, and an assortment of other pleasure toys. It`s all fun and orgasms for Jewell until these housewives sex drives become insatiable and she ends up the neighborhood`s very own bondage sex toy.

Runtime: 1:00:00

Fixed Gears and Fast Girls DVD Boxcover Fixed Gears and Fast Girls

Fixed Gears Fast Girls By Day They Deliver Your Messages… By Night They Deliver Hot Lesbian Sex!

Runtime: 2:00:00

Nostalgia DVD Boxcover Nostalgia

Trouble and Pepper are at home fooling around and watching porn, only to find that all of their favorite classic titles have been queered. Join them as they watch the mythical creatures, fresh faced angels, and tattooed misfits of the underground fuck, suck, and hold hands all the way to hell… or is this heaven? Inspired by classic porn that defined the genre, NoFauxxx.Com creator Courtney Trouble has twisted the past into the future of alternative queer porn in her upcoming release, Nostalgia. Step behind the queer door for a sneak peek of one of 2009′s new classics.

Runtime: 1:30:00

Eon McKai`s Girls Live DVD Boxcover Eon McKai`s Girls Live

Charlotte lies…Dana lies…Pixie lies…and Riley lies too. The fact is, Girls Lie! They’ve got their reasons, of course: Charlotte, to get the money she and her druggy BF need to get high; Dana, because she wants more than one boy can give, so she plays them all; Pixie, because she played too much and now her new baby needs a daddy, even if he’s the wrong daddy; and Riley, she lies to her BF back in North Carolina about her “modeling” career. Truth is, she’s fucking on camera for Eon Mckai. Adult screen legend Tom Byron guests in Eon’s latest bout of neo-realistic-smut. Which sneaks you to and from authentic locations like L.A.X., the subways, a downtown underground hardcore show, up in those Hollywood Hills, new housing skeletons over Mt. Washington, and way out in the oppressive heat of a Lancaster drug-den. Inspired by the beauty of reality, chipped nail polish, and stories of deceit from these performers, Eon realized he could no longer ignore the truth – “No matter how convincing she sounds…Girls Lie!”

Runtime: 1:56:00

Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage DVD Boxcover Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage

Written & Hosted By Sex Expert And Author Midori! Directed By America’s Sex Guru Tristan Taormino! Watch The Scenes With Or Without Instruction By Bondage Expert And Author Midori! Create Midori’s Signature ‘Vibrator Bondage Harness!’ Sex expert Midori introduces couples to the world of adventurous sex by sharing her vast knowledge about one of the most intimate activities: sensual bondage. With fun, useful tips and tricks, she’ll show you step-by-step how to tie up your lover to take your sexual experiences to the next level. You’ll Learn How To: Communicate About Your Desires And Fantasies! Tie Someone Up Properly And Safely! Use Scarves, Neckties, Belts, And Everyday Items For Bondage! Play With Collars, Leashes, Blindfolds, Wrist And Ankle Cuffs! Transform Your Bedroom Into A Bondage Playground! Delve into the pleasures of sensual bondage as you get specific information and answers from expert and author Midori, then watch as two enthusiastic couples share the different ways you can incorporate this intimate activity into your love making.

Runtime: 2:00:00

Pregnant with Desire DVD Boxcover Pregnant with Desire

Award-winning director Madison Young explores her fascination with one of women’s ultimate sexual experiences: pregnancy. Four beautiful women celebrate passion, their radically transforming bodies, and all their different desires. Interviews reveal their erotic secrets of pregnancy: orgasmic birth, best/favorite sex positions, the eroticism of lactation. Sadie Lune discloses her deep attraction to pregnant women, then lovingly worships Tricksie Treat’s bountiful body all the way to orgasm. Real couple Penny Barber and Eric talk about their lactation fetish before sharing their intimate sexual play with the camera. Newcomer Ambrosia Rose, radiant in her 2nd trimester, recalls the intense erotic energy experienced during her first pregnancy while she conjures that eroticism by bellydancing and pleasuring herself to climax. Miss Muffy and Syd Blakovich discuss erotic fantasies and share a delicious sex scene with strap-on play and sweaty, raw orgasms. These women are glowing with sexual energy — truly pregnant with desire!

Runtime: 1:36:01

Ciao Bella!: A Woman’s POV DVD Boxcover Ciao Bella!: A Woman’s POV

Join award-winning director Madison Young as she embarks on an explicit Italian excursion. A revolutionary porn pioneer, Madison provides you with an intimate introduction to the women she encounters in this groundbreaking POV series, the first ever from a woman’s point of view. Meet Malia Mojado and see her sexcapades in the erotic cities of Milan and Florence. Sample fruit of the vine from Bella Rossi’s breasts as Devi Lynn smashes grapes on her skin in a wide open vineyard. Share a sensual meal with Madison herself as she focuses all her attention on you. Listen to her talk dirty and watch as an anal toy pushes her over the orgasmic edge. Sit down with a plate of pasta, enjoy a glass of wine and experience Italy from a new point of view.

Runtime: 1:31:11

Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality DVD Boxcover Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality

Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning director Madison Young is more than the sum of its parts. These women are deconstructing words and labels to define sexuality on their own terms. During in depth interviews, Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Tina Horn and Amber Keen discuss their personal journeys into the world of queer, bisexual and pansexual identities. Sex scenes then allow them to fulfill their fantasies and create intimate connections with men and women. They give it and get it the way they want it; with hot threesomes, delicious blow jobs, female ejaculation on the roof top and a circle jerk in the kitchen. With its courageous, creative and carnal cast, Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality will stimulate you both sexually and intellectually.

Runtime: 1:54:00

Sylvia DVD Boxcover Sylvia

Sylvia is a kinky queer polyamorous story following a day in the life of Kate a high powered sex writer and educator who is rediscovering her sexuality in a whole new way. This love triangle between two women and their puppy slave Sylvia is a hot and animalistic look into our primal sexual desires and the dualities of dominance and submission. Capturing hot anal sex,threesomes,rough sex, sm and ds.

Runtime: 1:00:00

Undone DVD Boxcover Undone

Welcome to the party where your kinky girl next door has made it to the auction block. May we start the bidding? But before purchase is made we must test all of Madison’s holes with a brutal anal fucking, strap on sex, blow job, cock worship, boot worship, pussy fucking and heavy corporal that includes spanking, flogging, whipping, and tit punishment. Lying naked and undone, covered in the expulsion of desire, in cum, in sweat, in marks and bruises, Madison Young becomes Undone.

Runtime: 00:53:14

Art House Sluts DVD Boxcover Art House Sluts

Young artist and visionary Maddie Superstar, played by Madison Young, has made her way out of the burbs into the wild clutches of San Francisco`s lesbian art and sex scene where boundaries are pushed, rough sex is had, and wet explosive orgasms are discovered by all. Follow Maddie Superstar from the rise and fall of her life as San Francisco`s It girl. From anal orgasms in a filthy taqueria bathroom to femmes battling for the spot light in a fierce cat fight cum fuck fest. Art films meld with hot sex scenes to create one of the most avante garde and visceral lesbian features of the decade.

Runtime: 1:11:51

Lesbian Life – Real Sex San Francisco DVD Boxcover Lesbian Life – Real Sex San Francisco

Madison Young is a writer for a very hip lesbian magazine and her monthly article is your guide to what is the next “it” cafe or tattoo shop in San Francisco. Follow Madison on this hot lesbian adventure through San Francisco uncovering hot sex in bike shop with filthy mechanics, powerful orgasms in tattoo shops, public sex on romantic picnics, internet dating, intense chemistry, squirting and wet spots, all brought to you by an all lesbian cast and crew. This is the way women really fuck!

Runtime: 1:08:12

Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC DVD Boxcover Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC

Features real queer sex, queer community, and queer culture. This is where hot lesbians meet in their own world and own life. Lesbian journalist, Madison Young, uncovers all the hottest spots in NYC for women to have sizzling sex. Madison’s adventures lead her to vegan diners such as Food Swings, anarchist book stores such as Blue Stockings, burlesque performances and private yoga classes offered by queer community organizations. After a hard and fast week of documenting all the hot sex in the lesbian scene, Madison gets swept away by a fan in her favorite book store. Bonuses include interviews with Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah and lesbian bike mechanic and activist at Times Up, Susan Lindell. Lesbian Life has put the sex back into travel. Featuring Madison Young, Axon, Panter, Jessie Lee, and Mischa Cunt. Along with newcomer real couples Jess and Nic as well as Ceci Dolores and Kenji Natori.

Runtime: 1:06:15

Heartland: A Woman’s POV DVD Boxcover Heartland: A Woman’s POV

Join indie porn pioneer Madison Young on her sexual journey through America’s Heartland, back to the place where she was born. As she rediscovers her roots, this revolutionary award-winning director encounters women who have been inspired and affected by her work. Madison divulges their intimate desires in this groundbreaking POV series, the first ever from a woman’s point of view. Fans from all over get carnal with the camera, including a real Chicago couple, an Iowa grad student and an Ohio sex educator with her play partner. Madison fulfills her own wet dreams of getting it on with her real –life college Hall Advisor and scoring a solo membership to the mile high club, reaching orgasm at an altitude of 20,000 feet in the airplane restroom.

Runtime: 1:31:44

Femmetastic! DVD Boxcover Femmetastic!

Imagine rouged lips, blushing cheeks, garters and stockings with nothing underneath, high heels, cultured pearls, manicured hands and pedicured feet. Award-winning porn pioneer Madison Young directs and stars in this film about orgasmic women fulfilling their most intimate feminine fantasies. She and Charlotte Vale are vintage vixens, 50’s housewives who devour each other in the kitchen. Maxine and Bella Rossi play while their husband is away, discovering their Sapphic desires. After reading some feline fiction, Ryan Keely gets lusty in the laundromat and makes her pussy purr. Sarah Lee Sinful has been bad in the boudoir, so Selena Raven gives her a good spanking and strap-on fuck. Celebrate the fairer sex with these gorgeous girls getting it on and getting off.

Runtime: 1:11:00

Layover DVD Boxcover Layover

Welcome to Lesbian Life: Layover, where you’ll find the real queer women having real queer sex. When Mrs. Robinson hears that her wife has a “layover” in Denver and isn’t coming home, she decides to go out on the prowl for young hot lesbian love. Her first nibble for the evening is with her daughter’s boyishly charming friend, Jiz Lee, who she seduces in the kitchen and teaches a lesson in how to really please a woman. But Mrs. Robinson shouldn’t linger on one youthful lover too long when there are parties to attend…key parties, where she finds herself in a double penetration threesome with socialite Penny Play and flower child newcomer Tina Horn. Seventies sex maven Sadie Lune engages the very sexy Anja in some steamy and very connected sex experimenting with blindfolds and power play. Meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Tee, gets into a handful of trouble with her real life girlfriend Pepper. The apple never falls far from the tree.

Runtime: 1:16:30

Lights Out DVD Boxcover Lights Out

A new submissive (Ariel X) is brought into Mistress Aiden’s chateau along with her current slave, Madison. Together, they entertain and satisfy their Mistress’ sadistic hunger. But when the lights go out, these two submissives develop a deep connection which leads to a forbidden love affair. Once their actions are uncovered by their Mistress, both girls’ dedication to service is questioned. Madison and Ariel endure a trial of predicament bondage and vicious sadism, as the two are pitted against each other to prove just where their true dedication lies.

Runtime: 1:10:50

Writers and Rockstars DVD Boxcover Writers and Rockstars

After dating hundreds of musicians, I’ve come to the conclusion that rockers play music the same way that they fuck. Some like to play hard and fast and some slow and soft. What kind of rocker are you? Young poetess Madison divulges her steamy sexual experiences with hot rock stars. Lots of hot boy/girl and girl/girl sex set to a killer soundtrack that will keep you hard, wet and ready to rock.

Runtime: 01:15:34

Queer Manor DVD Boxcover Queer Manor

Queer Manor may have an austere exterior, but inside, no one is minding their manners! Corseted socialite Sadie Lune pleasures herself impolitely by pulling a strand of pearls from her pussy. She entertains Anne Lane in bed, where they whisper in French while playing with cupcakes and each other’s cunts. Award-winning director, indie porn pioneer and Grande Domme of the mansion, Madison Young enjoys a good cigar before putting submissive Anja through her paces. Real couple Liz and Finn take their intimate connection from clean to dirty with a lustful scene in the loo. Enter Queer Manor, the estate where debauchery is celebrated and the residents are simply uncivilized.

Runtime: 1:17:16

Frisk Me DVD Boxcover Frisk Me

We are under surveillance. And it’s so terrifying that it becomes… titillating. Step into a fantasy world where hand-cuffs and interrogation are simply foreplay. Where night sticks become sex toys, where Orwellian policing becomes protocol and a window for voyeuristic desires to be satiated. Where TSA agents do cavity searches that will have you screaming out in orgasms and begging the words “Frisk Me.” We are reclaiming terror and cultivating pleasure with anal orgasms, female ejaculation, blow jobs, hot dripping wet sex, and BDSM. So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to Frisk Me?

Runtime: 1:19:40

Thin Line Between Art and Sex DVD Boxcover Thin Line Between Art and Sex

These artists don’t just straddle the line between art and sex- they grind up against it, push it, pull it and blissfully blur it. In a one day exhibition, each of them is assigned studio space to explore their erotic aesthetic. Experience their visceral visions with drenched desire in the kitchen, ecstatic climaxes on the staircase and intense orgasms on the rooftop. Creative and carnal energies combine to produce passionate masterpieces. Adult stars Tyler Knight, Daniel, Jiz Lee and Bella Rossi, as well real-life couple Carl Hungus and Naga, discuss their endeavors during interviews that examine the intersection of art and sex. Award-winning director, actress, model and owner of Femina Potens Art Gallery, Madison Young documents the animalistic artistic process and presents it in this explicit work.

Runtime: 1:39:15

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality DVD Boxcover Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Discover the fluidity of sexuality. Part documentary, part pornography, this film from award-winning director Madison Young is more than the sum of its parts. These men are deconstructing words and labels to define sexuality on their own terms. During in depth interviews, Jack Hammer, Deviant Kade, Tommy Midas, Gabriel and Rose discuss their personal journeys into the world of bisexual and queer identities. They fulfill their fantasies on film, creating intimate and intense connections with both men and women. Giving it and getting it the way they want it; these couples and threesomes engage in hot sex with electric chemistry. With its creative and courageous cast, Fluid will stimulate you both sexually and intellectually.

Runtime: 1:29:00

Perversions of Lesbian Lust 2 DVD Boxcover Perversions of Lesbian Lust 2

She had the face of an angel, the body of a devil, and the passions of a lesbian. Madison Young leads us through the story of her darkest sexual perversions with her Mistress and lover Princess Donna. Madison and Donna are like any other lesbian couple. They are madly in love with one another, they love going to the symphony, but going to the sumphony with Madison Young and Princess Donna is a little… different. Madison gets the best tickets possible for their evening out. Tickets in a discreet area of the theater where Madison can devour Donna’s cunt until she is lost in ecstasy. Donna orders Madison to close her eyes during the cellist’s performance and to taste her own submission and desire in each note. Madison’s imagination goes wild envisioning rope suspensions, canings, whippings, orgasms, and the sweet taste of her lover’s cunt.

Runtime: 1:01:29

Lucky: A Woman’s POV DVD Boxcover Lucky: A Woman’s POV

Award-winning director Madison Young follows the bright lights to Las Vegas – the city of chance, where a roll of the dice can leave you with a lady on each arm. Curvaceous Sarah Blake, a redhead with a sweet and kinky appetite for sex, welcomes Madison with a cheap motel, clean sheets and a dirty-girl orgasms, make-out sessions, foot jobs and a lots of oral titillation! Scarlett Chaos and Kimberly Cline explode in orgasms as, restrained with stockings and using role play games, fingers, mouths and a handful of toys, they push each other to the edge. Akira Raine and Casey Grey are getting ready for the awards show, but get sidetracked with some very wet action in the shower. Madison Young and Dylan Ryan attempt to satiate their never-ending sexual hunger but keep getting interrupted by wild parties and decadent sexual adventures in this city of Sin. Will the two of them find the satisfying intimate moment they are searching for? Roll the dice to see what sexual delights their – and your – destiny holds.

Runtime: 1:30:00

Perversions of Lesbian Lust DVD Boxcover Perversions of Lesbian Lust

Madison Young lets us into her deepest perversions as she tells the story of her first kinky relationship. Dylan and Madison were like any other lesbian couple. They went off to work at 9am to their high power executive jobs and snuggled up to watch movies after dinner. But their Sunday mornings were a little different. Sunday mornings Dylan Ryan became the dominant lesbian Mistress of Madison Young’s dreams. Madison would live to serve Ms. Ryan as she was fucked with lustful passion, made to crawl around on her hands and knees, clamped, caned, stuffed full of butt plug, punished, caged, and tortured with water, all in the name of lustful lesbian love. And “Thank you Ms. Ryan” are the only words to be uttered from Madison’s quivering and hungry lips that thirst only for the sweet nectar of her Mistress.